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Finding the Perfect Wedding Gown

Most little girls dream of their big wedding day. Once you reach adulthood, the time comes when you need to turn dreams into reality. One of the most important things about any wedding is the gown. Finding the perfect gown for the best price is very important. When I started looking for a wedding gown, I really didn't have the first idea what I was doing. Thankfully, my friend Susan who works as a bridal wedding planner was able to help me out. She is a real expert who taught me all of the tricks of the trade. I hope my blog helps you to plan a perfect wedding.



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Finding the Perfect Wedding Gown


3 Ways Modern Couples Are Adapting Traditional Elements For A Fun And Unique Wedding

Weddings are as popular as ever in Australia, with around 120,000 of them taking place around the country every year. While the number of weddings each year may have stayed the same, many other aspects of weddings look vastly different these days compared to how they looked a decade ago. Modern couples are leaning heavily away from formality and old-fashioned traditions in favour of fun, informal and irreverent weddings that they feel fit their personalities better.