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Most little girls dream of their big wedding day. Once you reach adulthood, the time comes when you need to turn dreams into reality. One of the most important things about any wedding is the gown. Finding the perfect gown for the best price is very important. When I started looking for a wedding gown, I really didn't have the first idea what I was doing. Thankfully, my friend Susan who works as a bridal wedding planner was able to help me out. She is a real expert who taught me all of the tricks of the trade. I hope my blog helps you to plan a perfect wedding.



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Finding the Perfect Wedding Gown

How to Find the Perfect Plus-Size Wedding Dress

by Ana Lewis

Finding the perfect wedding dress when you have a fuller figure can be tough. Like any other bride, you want to try on dresses until you find the perfect one, but you may not have as much choice of dress samples as you'd like.

Don't give up just yet. There are ways to find the perfect plus-size wedding dress. What should you look out for?

Look For Full-Size Sample Stocking

Some bridal boutiques carry a really wide range of wedding dress samples. It doesn't matter what kind or colour of dress you're interested in trying on, their sample racks are packed full of options. They may not, however, carry all of this range in the right size for you.

Remember that not all bridal boutiques restrict sample sizes this way. Some carry a wide range of larger and smaller size dresses as well as regular ones; others can order samples in quickly. These boutiques understand that women come in all shapes and sizes, and they want to give their customers as much choice as possible.

Look For the Right Attitude and Advice

Buying the perfect wedding dress should be a happy experience. After all, you're buying a dress that will make you feel and look beautiful on one of the most important days of your life. Ideally, you need to find a bridal boutique with assistants who have experience of helping brides of all shapes and sizes. Their aim is to find the perfect dress for you.

Experienced bridal boutique assistants are an invaluable source of advice and guidance especially if you haven't decided on a dress style yet. They know how to pick perfect dresses for non-standard shapes. They can explain how design features affect the way a dress looks on you.

A good assistant can talk to you about ways to emphasise the positives of your shape as well as hide the bits you are not happy with. For example, dresses with built-in corseting can conceal areas you want to minimise and highlight curves you want to show off.

If you're finding it hard to source the perfect plus-size wedding dress, then contact local wedding dress boutiques. Explain that you are looking for plus-size samples to try on and also want some advice on styles and designs. This helps you find boutiques that can cater to your needs with assistants who can help you find what you want.