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Most little girls dream of their big wedding day. Once you reach adulthood, the time comes when you need to turn dreams into reality. One of the most important things about any wedding is the gown. Finding the perfect gown for the best price is very important. When I started looking for a wedding gown, I really didn't have the first idea what I was doing. Thankfully, my friend Susan who works as a bridal wedding planner was able to help me out. She is a real expert who taught me all of the tricks of the trade. I hope my blog helps you to plan a perfect wedding.



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Finding the Perfect Wedding Gown

3 Ways Modern Couples Are Adapting Traditional Elements For A Fun And Unique Wedding

by Ana Lewis

Weddings are as popular as ever in Australia, with around 120,000 of them taking place around the country every year. While the number of weddings each year may have stayed the same, many other aspects of weddings look vastly different these days compared to how they looked a decade ago.

Modern couples are leaning heavily away from formality and old-fashioned traditions in favour of fun, informal and irreverent weddings that they feel fit their personalities better. Here are three major elements of weddings that are being adapted to create a more contemporary, unique and relaxed marriage celebration for Australian couples.

1. Celebrants with character 

In the past, almost all weddings took place in a church or registry office, presided over by a clergyman or registry official. These days, more and more couples are opting for a civil service performed by a registered celebrant at a location of their choosing.

As well as the swing away from traditional wedding officials, there is an increasing demand for celebrants who create a humourous, lively and personal wedding service. There are also more couples opting for young, male celebrants who provide a vastly different and non-traditional approach to officiating weddings.

2. Catering with a twist

Another element that is part of the basic structure of weddings is catering. While it's still important for modern couples to provide their guests with a hearty meal, the formal, sit-down meals of the past have been replaced by catering that has a more contemporary and dynamic twist.

Ethnic cuisine is a huge trend, with onsite caterers cooking up everything from Spanish paella to Japanese teppanyaki. Another popular trend is fork-and-walk catering, which takes cocktail-style hors-d'oeuvres to a new level and provides a range of small meals that can be eaten while mingling with guests.

3. Small guest lists

While this certainly isn't the case for every couple, recent years have seen a larger percentage of couples opting for smaller and more intimate weddings than in past decades. This is partly to do with how expensive large weddings usually are and is a way to make weddings affordable without compromising on quality.

Often small weddings happen because couples would prefer to spend their special day with the people who they have the closest relationships with. Instead of making polite conversation with distant relatives or their parents' work associates, couples have time to enjoy their celebration and engage with their guests in a meaningful way.